Real life adventure rooms are nothing but escape rooms, with added adventures. These games require the proper functionality of senses of the players to crack the puzzles.
The suggested age group of people is above 10 years. Children of ages below 10 years are also allowed with at least one adult.
One can book slot online or on a call by contacting our team.
You can alter the slot timings by contacting our team on the number provided in the website.
You are suggested to come at least 10 min before your slot timing. Even though you are late, slot will be adjusted based on the other slots availability.
Yes, we do organize parties and events with customizable orders.
Your inner detective…..! You have to apply reasoning and logic to crack the riddles.
Cell phones and gadgets are strictly not allowed in to the game rooms.
The movement you enter the game room, a well trained game master will be watching your each and every movement and will be guiding you where ever required.
Clues depend up on the game theme and will be explained before you enter the game room.
Yes!! Depending upon the team strength the games are customized to different modes.
Yes!! We offer a on the run, our spectacular portable events which can be customized for any number of participants.